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Simple Traffic Solutions is a traffic generation product created by John Thornhill. What makes this product stand out from the thousands of traffic generation products out there is non of his methods involve Google.

This is because a few years ago John logged into his Google AdWords account to find out he had been banned from running ads. This is a very common issue with anyone in the IM niche. Google can afford to be selective with their ad program as they have huge corporations pumping billions of dollars into their bank accounts.

Another popular traffic teaching tactic is SEO. This involves trying to learn complex methods such as title tags, meta tags, heading tags, alt attributes, sitemaps, link building, algorithms, keyword research, page optimization and content creation. To make matters worse, you could spend months getting your site to to top of Google’s search results only to see them change their algorithm and your site disappears overnight. I’m sure you’ve heard of the recent Panda and Penguin updates that literally destroyed businesses overnight.

This is why John said “screw you Google” and decided to come up with traffic methods that didn’t involve them at all. He studied other traditional traffic generation techniques and improved them, tweaked them and perfected them. The result is that in the last year his websites have received over 2 billion hits from 20 different traffic generation methods. Yes, you read that correctly, OVER 2 BILLION HITS, and it didn’t cost him one cent.

And the good news is John shares how he generated every single click in his latest product, Simple Traffic Solutions. A step by step traffic generation program that can help you get all the traffic you need to your websites.

So what does Simple Traffic Solutions consist of?

Well, where do I start, John has covered all he knows about traffic generation in over 50 modules. Each traffic module consists of theory training, practical training and has a checklist so you can work your way through each method step by step. John has also created each module in multiple formats so you can watch the videos on your iPad, iPhone or other digital device, as well as watch online.

I also love the way John gives each traffic method a rating of one to five stars, this shows you what methods work best for him and what methods don’t work so well. This is something I have never seen before.

While some of the traffic methods appear a little basic they are covered in great detail and John’s enthusiasm convinces you that traffic generation needn’t be a complex matter. In fact he openly shows you how he uses each traffic generation method, shows you how his methods work, and he really has you thinking ‘why bother with Google’.

There is also a ton of PDF material including a very well written eBook, a traffic generation mindmap and a collection of checklists that compliment the modules perfectly, this is worth the cost of the product alone.

All in all, and for the price, this is one of the most comprehensive traffic guides I have ever seen, and the fact John shows you how he implements each method shows you he is genuine. He has put a lot of work into this and it shows.

In fact the only downside I can think of is the price is so low you think what’s the catch? Well John does hit you with an offer of coaching but this is not required to make his traffic methods work.

So for only $4.95 you can get one of the most comprehensive traffic guides I have ever seen and I can highly recommend it, no matter what level of experience you have you will learn from this product.

To top it off he also gives you a 60 day money back guarantee, so this really is one of the best deals I have seen and I encourage you to check it out.


  • Sky Nealon

    Reply Reply March 22, 2014

    Hey Darren

    Fantastic first video and love the animations, as well as the voice over. It’s certainly different and kept my attention and interest right until the end, so good stuff. Will you be covering a future blog post on how you created it? I’m sure a lot of people would love to know.

    Have a great day and weekend


    • darrenhudson

      Reply Reply March 22, 2014

      Cheers Sky 🙂 ,

      That’s why I created that type of video for as it’s different and very engaging, ha ha don’t know if i’m going to do a future blog post on creating yet as i’m thinking about maybe using this as part of my product creation 🙂 . But we’ll see who knows in the future maybe !

  • Torsten Müller

    Reply Reply March 23, 2014

    Hi Darren,

    I love the video you did. It’s well laid out and leads the viewer to want to know more about the product.


  • Gordon Smith

    Reply Reply March 28, 2014

    Hey Darren

    Liked it a lot, traffic is one of the major elements in IM. The video is informative and does the job well of convincing the viewer there is real value in the product.

    The Accent made me wonder if it was John himself speaking. lol
    I have been creating a few videos recently and my Scottish accent makes me wonder if people will even understand what I am saying lol On the other hand Americans seem to love the Scottish accent so who knows.

    Good work on the video seems effective to me.

    You asked how much would you pay for it. I don’t think I could give an honest answer to that question because there are other factors that would have to be taken into account.

    Return on investment being the heading that would blanket cover a host of other factors.

  • Kim

    Reply Reply March 31, 2014

    I’ve bought this and to my shame I’ve done nothing with it.

    I’m going to have to get it out and look it over


    • darrenhudson

      Reply Reply April 9, 2014

      Cheers Kim ,

      To be honest I ain’t looked at it properly yet I just used it as a sample for one of my first video ad creations ha ha

  • Jon Crimes

    Reply Reply April 6, 2014

    Great video Darren.

    I felt a bit hypnotized at the end and just wanted to click that link or any link for that matter!

    Seriously though it does look like an excellent product. Traffic generation is something most of us are going to struggle with at some stage in our IM careers, most probably at the beginning. If this product helps then I’m in.

    Again, love the video. Be great if you include this in a future product.

    I’ll keep watching….



    • darrenhudson

      Reply Reply April 9, 2014

      Hi Jon ,

      Thanks for the comment, it is a great piece of software think I might try Video Advertising as these kind of videos are quite expensive ha ha. Plus if this can up my optin rate all the better 🙂

  • Paul Wallace

    Reply Reply April 9, 2014

    Fantastic video Darren, nice to hear a local voice behind the scenes. Keep up the good work buddy.


    • darrenhudson

      Reply Reply April 9, 2014

      Thanks Paul ,

      Think I better get my creating head on and get producing more 🙂

  • Patricia

    Reply Reply May 23, 2014

    Great video – its inspired me, bought the software a couple of weeks ago and had a mental block as the white page gave me the jitters. Thanks now got a few videos completed for local companies. (£42 for the video and £15 to show them how to up load it) I have a generic video and just change customers logos etc to personalise it.
    Price goes up if they want their own pic included as I have to convert it from the usual jpeg.
    To find the business just to google type in say child care and a city/town ie child care Bristol and check who’s got videos on YouTube or on their web site – if no videos write to them and offer your services and so far so good.

  • lloyd

    Reply Reply June 3, 2014

    Thanks for the video.. Actually I was looking for the review of the video and luckily I got it here.. thanks for that presentation… I think I should have one for my online promotion…

  • Darrell Symonds

    Reply Reply April 8, 2020

    Great job Darren as always and keep up the great work.It has been a blast to get to know you more on Facebook and discuss marketing.

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