Prints Make Profits by Stuart Turnbull

Following on from my last post , as I started searching for other profitable niches or products for Ebay. In April 2013 I came across a program called Prints Make Profits by Stuart Turnbull  , where Stuart teaches and shows you How To Rescue Vintage Prints From Old Books And Sell Them For Incredible! Profits On eBay. As I started reading his sales page I was getting more and more intrigued as I continued reading as it looked very promising and interesting so to my delight I went and bought it .

As I started going through it I found it was easy to understand and well laid out by Stuart , easy enough for novices too  who is a bit green behind the ears to be able to follow . As Stuart goes over every detail clear and precise and even with instruction screenshots I was able to clearly go and source some of the books he was referring , then when I received them just followed his instructions and was able to get them  listed on ebay without any problems , also if you get stuck he is only an email away for support and responds to you more or less straight away or same day.

To be honest I thoroughly enjoyed it as it opened my eyes a bit more and broadened my horizons even further . Even his email updates from his newsletter where he shows you in video on his blog and keeps adding fresh ideas plus more tips about more prints what are selling on ebay , he gives you the author and title also where you can source it from . Also how you can research yourself on ebay too as he goes through it as you look over his shoulder,  I went and bought more of his products as it was well value in fact he overdelivered as he tells it how it is .

Plus another thing I’d like to mention as I found out , Stuart had sent me an email referring me to John’s Partnership To Success program it was only after I went on to John’s Sales video etc that I found out Stuart was one of John Thornhill’s earlier success stories has he’d been mentored by John too on a previous occasion . Also Stuart referred me to another program/product similar to his where its still to do with prints they actually got the idea off Stuart its called Easy Auction Income by Steve King and Barry Wells  which also are some of John’s successful students which i’ll go over in next post .

Plus I went on to buy more of his products

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