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Following on from last post I want to tell you about Easy Auction Income which was referred to me by Stuart Turnbull ,  If your inbox is anything like mine you see new products being launched on a regular basis, some are really good and some promise the earth and give you gravel…you know the kind where you get to the end and have to purchase again to get to the juice, or you get so far into it and find you need a degree to understand the jargon, all been there right!

This product has been created by Steve King and Barry Wells, both of whom are long term eBay sellers and are also successful students of John Thornhill, who have joined forces on eBay and started selling Photo Prints with almost instant success. They don’t only talk about the juice they show you in fine detail with instructional videos.

After the first 30 days they were able to transfer £350 ($500 approx.) to their bank, 30 days! And yes, they display proof of that…. as well as the following 2 months. These guys had only been doing this for just 90 days but with their combined knowledge and sort of took inspiration from Stuart Turnbull’s program Prints Make Profits they’ve hit on a winning formula and Easy Auction Income is a complete Video Coaching Program showing you how these guys source and sell their Photo Prints on eBay. In fact you actually look over their shoulders as they take care of their business on eBay.

These guys show you everything they apply to their process and leave nothing out of the equation from start to finish, I must admit there sales page looked pretty bland but it just oozed value if you know what I mean. Plus I had already bought other products from Stuart Turnbull which were great and real value for money  and I like the way he presented things to you. So I guess I just knew it had to be good  as he only offers great value .

So with all that been said I decided to take the plunge as it was similar to Stuart’s program which I enjoyed and trusted but it was with a twist a different way of doing things and they supply you with some prints files by 2 famous author’s to start you off so you can start selling straight away . Without any more thought or doubt on the matter I decided and in the middle of November 2013 I invested in there program .


  • Manoranjan

    Reply Reply February 23, 2014


    A great post indeed. I know both Steve and Barry. They are really genuine guys with great helping attitude. I understand, the Auction Income which is a great product of the duo will be certainly be profitable option both old and new who follow it.


    • darrenhudson

      Reply Reply February 23, 2014

      Hi Manoranjan,
      Pleased for your comment and happy to connect with you , I personally enjoy there product but ain’t got round to implementing it yet but I will . Also I really enjoy Stuart Turnbull’s products too especially Prints Make Profits which is where they sort of got the idea from then put there own twist on with there knowledge, but they are all students of John’s , When I realised that I quickly pounced on John’s course hoping he can teach me to create something as spectacular as there’s.

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