Don’t Despair !! Information Overload BEWARE !!

Info Overload

Some of you may have heard it before , Information Overload but a lot of newbies who is trying to make money online or in internet marketing have probably experienced some time or another or maybe going through it as we speak . I know that i’ve definitely been there and done it time and time again . It hampers you doing what you want to do , sort of puts a spanner in the works and you lose interest or focus stopping you achieving your goals by distracting you.

What Is Information Overload ?

Well this is how I define it , you go online searching for the next big magic system or product , shiny object thats going to make you rich. You think you’ve eventually found it and goes ahead and buys it thinking yes , yes this it it this time. For you only to try it out for a short period and finding out that its not working for you , so you give up on it and leave it whilst you forget about it and it gathers dust sitting on your hard drive as you move onto the next big shiny product hoping this will be the one.

So you keep jumping about from program to program , product to product , shiny object to shiny object hoping that the next one will make you rich only to be dissappointed yet again , so you keep moving onto the next one and trying to absorb all the knowledge in only to find out its too much to take in and you start confusing everything together causing your mind to go blank losing concentration and lose focus on everything and it makes it harder and impossible to move forward almost like making you want to scream and bang your head against a brick wall.

Well that’s my definition of Information Overload anyway ha ha, maybe you have had similar experience or still going through but just can’t quite put your finger on what it is . Well your not alone or the only one who has suffered or experienced it one time or another , to be honest I think most people have gone through it even the experienced marketers at some stage.

Don’t Despair !! The Cure !!

You need to take a break stop whatever your doing for a day or so give your mind a rest , so you can regain your focus and concentrate on your goals again and what you want to achieve . Also stop buying  the next big shiny thing , program or product and focus on one thing at a time and complete it before moving onto the next or something new .


  • David Bay

    Reply Reply February 23, 2014

    Great graphic and I can totally relate.

  • Torsten Müller

    Reply Reply February 27, 2014

    Information Overload is something that almost every newbie faces. There are too many shiny objects out there that promise over night riches with only a single push of a button. Unfortunately people who are just stepping into the business don’t have enough experience to separate the wheat from the chaff, and those selling the shiny objects obviously take advantage of it.

  • Nigel Griffiths

    Reply Reply March 6, 2014

    lol….aaaahhhhh, good old ‘shiny object syndrome’!! Newbie’s really are just fat kids in a sweet shop! Jumping from one thing to the next. Not sure about you all but I do cringe at what I have spent over the last few yrs!
    Un-Subscribing to a lot of the lists that your on (especially to those that you signed up to in the early days) is a very practical way of helping…..’If you can’t see it, you can’t buy it!’

    • darrenhudson

      Reply Reply March 7, 2014

      Hi Nigel ,

      Yeh I certainly the know the feeling too all to well ha ha . But being doing Internet stuff for a few years now you get to learn and know what to avoid hopefully . But I know what you mean 🙂



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