Darren Hudson


Like  most others I left school at 16 with a few Gcse’s , then went to college but left as it weren’t for me and also went on a few government training schemes which didn’t amount to much. Then in 1989, 1990 and 1991 I worked at Butlins Funcoast World holiday camp in Skegness for 3 seasons which was great at the time as it broadened my horizons and I met alot of people from all over Uk and made a lot of friends in the process too. After returning home at the end of my 3rd season I found myself a more permanent job back home in a local supermarket.

I started my new job in Dec 1991 as a part time Xmas temp on checkouts whilst grabbing all the overtime I could working in various departments , I ended off being made full time permanent and worked my way up on various departments while I was there for 9 years to Department Nightshift Warehous Manager, then they took the nightshift off and I got made redundant. But not as a loss I walked straight into another job as assistant warehouse manager for another big department store which only lasted 3 years before I left and started a new job in august 2003 really just following the bigger paycheck .

Then in August 2003 I started a full time permanent nightshift Job as a night sorter / loader for a big courier parcel delivery company unloading trailers , sorting parcels , bagging parcels then loading the vans up ready for the drivers coming in, to which where I am still working today but now grown to hate my job and nightshift as its getting more and more tedious and the company is getting worse .

Whilst working the nightshifts , I bought my first laptop back in 2009 as I always been interest in computers then started to realise as the internet grew there was also ways to make money online , so then my journey began like many others I started trying lots of different programs and bought all these shiny products people were promising would make you rich fast , to only find out the hard way they were either scams or some required too much hard work for very little rewards which they didn’t tell you about.

Then I tried most things like  Affiliate Marketing , Facebook Pages , Social Media , Websites , Seo trying to get my sites ranked with very little success , then tried my hand at buying and selling on Ebay with a little bit more success.

In April 2012 I stumbled over a program just by chance that showed you and gave you a start up package to sell software and digital products which you have to transfer on to disc to sell on ebay with great success as it still pays today , well worth the return on investment of $47 . But its not life changing money just a bit extra per month to pay bills and fund my online internet campaigns of trying to make money online , to which i’m re-investing now into a course by John Thornhill , Partnership To Success program that shows you how to put all the pieces together and become successful online so I can then give up my Nightshift Job .



  • Pauline

    Reply Reply March 7, 2014

    Well done Darren for finding this course. I am sure we will benefit from it.
    To your success.


    • darrenhudson

      Reply Reply March 7, 2014

      Hi Pauline ,

      Thanks for the comment, I’m really enjoying it so far and it’s great to connect and network with a great bunch of people . We’ll all achieve success together:)

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