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As you know I’ve been working online for a few years now and always searching for ways to make money online  with very little investment . Don’t  be disillusioned their are NO FREE ways to make money online , you’ve either got to invest with time or money sometimes even both , but you also got to remember Time is money too !

One of the methods I’ve been looking into and interested me was with working Squidoo ,  as it’s a free social platform and you can design it as you wish and incorporate the likes of Amazon or Ebay to which in turn you can earn affiliate commissions . That’s providing you can drive traffic to it .

Over the years I’ve bought various products relating to using Squidoo to do such a thing , yeh I achieved success  but just in ranking some of my web pages in google on page one and not actually making any money , through doing some keyword research and applying them also applying other methods used in various other Squidoo products I had bought plus a few tweaks of my own.

Also it used to be used wildly and quite a lot by Internet and Affiliate Marketers for producing income and other marketing stuff , as it used to be loved by google and easier to get ranked . But last year with the google update , Squidoo had an update too which really changed the way how you could  promote  on there website similar to the big Google Slap . With the big change a lot of people lost there ranking and pages removed , aswell as pages which were valid before weren’t afterwards causing a lot of work for marketers to re-edit work they had already done and lose money or an income too in the process.

So after the big changes that caused a lot of marketers to desert it and abandon it altogether  , meaning they went off to try find other ways elsewhere on set their own sites up . So that they couldn’t be affected and lose everything like that again.

I’ve still stuck with Squidoo as I find its simplicity and they have their own commission program with Amazon and Ebay so you don’t have to be an affiliate to earn from them. Plus google still loves it if you know how to implement keyword research and can get placed in the top rankings of google .

Here is a screen shot of  an example of one of mine


Screen shot 3


As you can see it’s ranked on Page 1 of google  in 6th spot for my chosen keyword term out of 1,120,000 other competing web pages , but also for other keywords terms too it’s ranked in same position out of 39,000,000 competing web pages . This is the most recent web page I’ve done on Squidoo which I created in February 2013 and it’s the only one I’ve seen success in little way of commissions, nothing to write home about but it’s a start .

Another good thing what Squidoo is good for though aswell as trying to make money online is back linking , split testing and promoting your website or business of course , it’s the perfect tool with all the different modules it has to offer and its simplicity  among all  making it a great companion to use a long with your website .

Hope it gives you an insight of the possibilities 🙂






  • Andrew

    Reply Reply February 28, 2014

    Nice to see someone make it onto page 1 for a search term. I managed this myself with a blog I had and got on page one and page 2, which was quite good, but the funny thing was I never even SEO’d the article as much as I should have! I think most sites are not really putting that much effort into SEO so most of the pages behind page 1, and even some on page 1, are not hard to beat when you put a wee bit of work into SEO.

    • darrenhudson

      Reply Reply February 28, 2014

      Thanks for the comment Andrew , much appreciated .

  • Torsten Müller

    Reply Reply March 1, 2014

    I have been using Squidoo too for some years and had months when I made 4 figures just with Squidoo alone. Considering the little time and effort that needs to be put into creating a Squidoo lens, it was quite some decent money.
    But with all the changes they were going through last year, I was one of the many who went off and started other things.

    However, most of my 200+ lenses are still published and still give me a regular paypal deposit.


    • darrenhudson

      Reply Reply March 1, 2014

      Hi Torsten ,
      Thank you for your comment much appreciated , I too like the simplicity of Squidoo but I had more success after they changed last year than prior but mine has only been loose change compared to yours. Maybe you can divulge your secret one day ? ha ha

  • David Bay

    Reply Reply March 2, 2014

    Squidoo is kind of fun. Thanks for reminding me. I am going to head over that for another of my interests. Blog is looking good. Please check mine out as and when

    • darrenhudson

      Reply Reply March 3, 2014

      Hi David ,

      To be honest I quite like Squidoo and it’s free ha ha , but I find it a challenge to get onto page 1 with it . Torsten is a squdoo lover too !

      Thanks for your comment might have to compare notes sometime about Squidoo .


  • Jon Crimes

    Reply Reply April 10, 2014

    Hi Darren, wow..are people still using Squidoo?

    I must admit, it’s something I looked into a few years ago but got slightly distracted with Amazon Affiliate Marketing! Looking at your post though, maybe I could have integrated my Affiliate efforts with Squidoo from the begining?

    Got my hands full at the moment but it’s on the list of ‘too many things, too little time..’

    Be interested if you do any more writing about it.



  • D

    Reply Reply May 3, 2014


    I have been “taught” in the past that having a Squidoo site with links to your main site is a great way of creating lots of high quality back links which is good for ranking.

    I see that you say the same in your article and wonder if the Google updates have stopped this route for back links!

    A Squidoo lens linked to my on-line site is something I have in my list of things to do, but might reconsider if the back links are no longer as valid for Google.

    I was also looking at creating another lens for my products and again create links,but that will depend on further investigations.

    Thanks for the information


    • darrenhudson

      Reply Reply May 11, 2014

      Hi Dave ,
      Well I think Squidoo is great to be honest and still highly recognised by google, I just love the simplicity of using it. Also be great to link your website to it too for backlinks and if that fails you can still generate income off ads revenue on your lens alongside .



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